Last Update 29 Jul 2019

Civil Private Sector Centers


  First / Idea and Objectives:

  1. Idea and objectives of hospitality centers for children (aims to provide hospitality services for mothers and workers during their official work time in the morning and evening, and When families are busy in weddings and events where hosting in these centers occurs  in terms of hours during the day.

This is done through regulations governing the work of children's civil hospitality centers, and helps in activating the role of Saudi women in society, and increase work opportunities in the field of child care).

  1. The idea and objectives of family counseling (aims to provide specialized counseling services that contribute to the stability of the family and nurture it socially, psychologically, and educationally, and the coherence of the community in all age categories).
  2. Idea and objectives of the studies and social research (These centers aim to monitor issues, phenomena and social problems in the Kingdom and conduct research, studies, social surveys and opinion polls about them, and propose the appropriate recommendations and solutions. Through controls organizing the work of research and civil social studies centers, activate their role in society, and enable them to perform their competence according to modern scientific methods.

Second / Role of Social Development Agency in the field of children hospitality, family counseling, and studies and social research:

The agency handle the technical supervision over these centers and follow-up of their performance, and preparation of periodic reports to make sure they apply the provisions and rules of the regulations, and resolutions issued thereunder, and adjust any irregularities that may exist, then take the necessary action thereon,  as well as the issuance of the initial and final licenses.