Alturki law office

provide the services that set out in this Agreement to the social security beneficiaries who are sponserd by the Ministry particulary (desertion , divorcees, widows, husbands and wives)

Localizationcar rental outlets and vehicles routing

localization car rental outlets and vehicles routing

Development and efficiency - Ministry of Civil Service

achieving leadership objectives and integration employee procedures and unification databases to help job seekers

Work and housing

Facilitate and speed procedure between parties to support housing projects throughout all the kingdom

Ministry of Health

Define critical occupation and localization rate to achieve professional security

enhance volunteer work between the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and Al Hilal Saudi Club

common cooperation to enhance volunteer work

Housing Units

Housing program for social security beneficiaries


Provide training and awareness programs for beneficiaries

Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and Sports Authority

enhance cooperation and coordination among all parties and coordinate their work to assume the responsibilities of all elite athletes