Labor Sector

Last Update 02 May 2019


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Labor Sector

The labor market in the Kingdom suffers from some phenomena and practices which disturbs the balances of the market and impede the process of resettlement of posts, especially the phenomenon of trafficking visas that help the flow of migrant labor without a real or specific need, and at the same time harms the reputation of the Kingdom, as well as the phenomenon of some employers to register the names of citizens within their staff and they achieved the rate of Saudization required, or through circumvention by assigning employments of migrant workers in the professions that restricted for Saudis. 
Therefore, the ministry will take the necessary measures to eliminate these negative phenomena, and hopes that all citizens will cooperate with it in this area.

Labour Sector Budget

Category Budget Items Budget for Year 1436H / 1437H Budget for Year 1437H/ 1438H Difference Percentage
21 Compensation of Employees 444,600 531,820 87,250 19%
22 Goods and Services 291,240 203,896 -87,344 -30%
38 Other Expenses 10,000 10,100 100 1%
31 Non-financial assets 223,700 68,082 -155.618 -69%
Total 961,040 813,928 -147,112 -15%