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Last Update 19 Aug 2019

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Labor Education


Organizing the labor market, and enabling the manpower or the human potentials to contribute in our national economic boom & growth is the main objective of the ministry of labor. However, achieving that objective requires a legislative frame work that organizes the relations of the various parties and ensures their rights, and that is the labor rule or regulation.

Facilitates the labor education for all, particularly those who work for the private sector:

  1. The employers, the human resources employees and whoever plays a role in the labor market.
  2. For comprehending  the system & understanding  what concerns them regarding the duties that they should perform within the system and the  rights they should acquire or obtain,  we present the labor education site , which displays & shows the components of the labor rule & regulation
  3. and its content in a simple form, and it will be improved in a permanent manner in order to suit your needs & requirements in addition to providing you with more services & assistances in the future.

Kindly, press here to visit the Labor Education 

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